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Adam Hirsch

CSCS, Z-Health Trainer, MAT Specialist, Holistic Lifestyle Coach

C, Z-Health Trainer, MAT Specialist, Holisitic Lifestyle Coach

Movement and strength development is a part of my daily journey of personal growth. My journey in physical training and self discipline started 20 years ago with the sport of Weightlifting to improve performance in football. I learned the value of putting in the work with guidance from trusted coaches, discovering that training with weights improved my mindset, focus, performance and physique, helped me continue the practice throughout my lifetime.


I've experienced my share of injuries from numerous contact sports and learned a lot from time on the sidelines. Pain became a great teacher once I became ready to learn the lesson. Youth protected me from myself for a while, but finally in my late twenties I couldn’t ignore the wisdom of my body. It was telling me to slow down. After years of beating up my body, two shoulder surgeries and looking at a 3rd, my body just wasn’t recovering like it used to. So began a years long span low back pain sidelining me from all the physical activities I loved to do. Trying numerous therapies and modalities, it was not until I found MAT™ that I finally experienced lasting improvement in my physical resiliency. With each treatment I got a little better and I could do handle more physical demands of training and in life. I had found the answer I was looking for and committed to learning the practice of Muscle Activation Techniques. After completing my MAT internship I discovered Z-­Health™, a neurology based approach to training, and saw the pieces I had been missing in my own approach to training for life and for my clients.


I want my clients to leave each session knowing they're getting better every time we work together and as they practice on their own time. I embody the growth mindset, which means that everything is a skill and you can get better at whatever you apply yourself to and practice. Nobody is stuck and everyone has the potential to reach their goals if they have a plan, work it, and are adaptable to all unpredictable qualities of life.


Here are 4 principles that guide our training together:

  • Everyone is an athlete

  • Everything is a skill

  • The nervous system controls everything in the body

  • Change occurs at the speed of the nervous system


Movement is a language of human interaction and expression. Fluency of movement is essential for every athlete and is a skill that can be developed by anyone.  


I teach cutting edge and classical techniques of strength and conditioning, habit formation, skill development, nutrition, rehab and neuroscience to hack your barriers.


You do the work. You realize your potential. 

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