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As a Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer I have guided hundreds of clients to better health and wellness.


My career began in 1989 at Rolling Hills Club located in Novato, CA and has evolved and expanded through experience and continuing education.


My certifications are from industry leaders which include The CHEK Institute, American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and United States Track and Field (USTAF).

As founder of Kinetic Health and Performance Group I am proud to offer an array of services to clients of all levels of health and athleticism.


I pride myself on the ability to demystify the areas of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management so that the client/athlete feels empowered to take care of themselves.


My personal commitment is to be a walking example of my teaching; my personal motto is “you can only give what you have”.

As a lifelong resident of Marin County I was raised enjoying the outdoors, fostering an appreciation for proper nutrition, stress reduction and regular activity.


I am now raising my two children in this beautiful one of a kind area.


My interests outside of my career include: snowboarding, mountain biking, golf, reading, travel, and above all my family.

Krishna Farnsworth

Exercise Kinesiologist, Holistic Lifestyle Coach

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