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Personal Training

Personal training is all about a tailored approach to your fitness and lifestyle. Whether you decide on one to one, group training, an exercise program or a combination of all, Kinetic HPG will always take a holistic approach so more than just exercise is considered.

Private Training


The benefit of having a coach is to provide the platform for meaningful service, which is the basis for long-term success.


Using a unique system of assessing the body, we are able to identify functional limitations and asymmetries as well as an individual’s readiness to perform exercise so that realistic goals can be set.


From this assessment, we create customized treatment plans that will optimize posture, restore movement patterns, and increase overall wellness.

Performance Training

General and performance exercise programs begin with the development of a functional profile of the client/athlete. The functional profile outlines the requirements of the daily activities and/or sport of the athlete.

    •    Daily energy requirements for client / athlete    •    Injury prevention / pre-habilitation strategies
    •    Dynamic mobility / movement prep                   •    Comprehensive program design
    •    Advanced core training                                     •    Power development / ballistic training
    •    Sport specific conditioning

Group Training


If you benefit and draw motivation from training in a group, KHPG offers a Saturday morning group training. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, class size is limited and may be a strictly outdoor option if participation is too large. For a description of the Class Schedule  Click Here.

Corrective Exercise


Whether you are recovering from an injury, operation, or accident, Kinetic HPG’s rehabilitation techniques can get you back on the road to recovery. A corrective exercise program will assist in balancing and normalizing dysfunctional and compensatory movement patterns created from life’s demands.  Included in these programs are:
    •    Corrective flexibility
    •    Retraining the Core
    •    Instruction in primal movement patterns
    •    Balancing energy systems
    •    Corrective weight loss strategies

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