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Health and Lifestyle Management

Taking an overall holistic approach to your day to day life is vital to meet your goals and needs. It’s not just about what you eat, it’s also about when and where. Food is not all though, you need to look at when you train, how often, and how active are at home and at work. Kinetic HPG takes all this into account when working on a strategy that best suit you.

Healthy Eating & Weight Management


KHPG takes a holistic approach to your health, which is vital to meet your needs and goals. Healthy eating is not just what you eat, but also when you eat, how you eat and finding the correct macronutrient ratio for your metabolic type.  We will review your current way of eating and assist you in making the best food choices and provide meal planning.

Lifestyle Management


Your relationship with Kinetic HPG begins with a comprehensive analysis of your cumulative stress load factors such as: work, nutritional deficiencies, exercise, environmental toxicity, and personal and professional relationships.


Based on the analytical results, a plan of action is outlined utilizing the following:

6 Foundational Principles of Health
    •    Thoughts
    •    Breath
    •    Hydration
    •    Food
    •    Exercise
    •    Sleep

The Four Doctors Within You
    •    Dr. Quiet
    •    Dr. Diet
    •    Dr. Happiness
    •    Dr. Movement

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