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Client Testimonials

Kinetic HPG has worked, and still works, with a number of clients across Marin County. Here is what they have to say about their experience:

"My eleven year old son and I have been working with KHPG for 18 months and they have changed our lives! I marvel at the job they have done with my son. They have proven to be a great mentor with the right mix of discipline, encouragement, consistency and variety." Michael O, Ross

"For the first time since college, I feel as if I am part of a team. The coaches at KHPG provide personal attention, critical feedback, and sincere support. They are truly talented and their level of expertise is head and shoulders above anyone else in the area." 
Brian J, San Rafael

"KHPG has not only changed the way I look and feel, but changed the way I live my life. I've never felt more confident about how I look and, more importantly, I have never felt so healthy!" Alexis E, San Francisco

“KHPG has made a huge impact on the strength of my lower back. I now can bike, ski, and run with little or no pain, because their assistance has strengthened and stabilized my core. They have been a true life saver for me, and have brought me back to where I want to be!” Ken M, Mill Valley

“Since working with KHPG, I'm in a steady, alert state. This has made my surfing experience better, which is important to me. They are good at what they do and it is clear that they truly believe in it." Archie E, Mill Valley

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